Reiki Energy

What Is Reiki Energy & How Does It Help Me

The living body of all humans and animals radiate a bio-electromagnetic field of energy. Every cell in our body generates this bio-electromagnetic energy.

This energy is the life force itself, and has many names in the history of human civilizations and can be traced back through to the beginning of humanity and time as we know it. The Martial arts, Tai Ch’i and Qi gong use this energy in their disciplined practices.

The Polynesians call this energy force Mana and the Native American people call it Orenda. It is also known as Prana in India, Ruach in Hebrew, Barraka in the Islamic countries and in China Ch’i is also known as Qi. In Japan the energy is termed Ki and it is from this word that Reiki is named.

Qi or Ch’i is a Bio-electromagnetic Energy, everything alive contains and radiates it. This Energy determines the state of our health and when restricted or blocked causes pain, illness and disease.

Reiki Energy Therapy will unblock congested Energy, the cause of most pain. Strengthen weak Energy, the cause of weak immune system and illness, and calm overactive Energy, the cause of most anxiety and stress.

The Reiki Master practitioner or therapist, develops their ability through disciplined practices and training to transmit this Energy into people, animals and all living things.

Reiki Energy Therapy works immediately energizing the body’s systems, moving constricted Energy within the systems, assisting the body to release pain, tension, anxiety, stress and discomfort.

Natural Pain Release ( NPR ) Reiki Energy Therapy is a powerful Energy Healing practice and will assist the body to return to the natural state of healthy self regeneration, balance and vitality.