Pain, Anxiety & Stress Release

Whether it’s a physical impact to your body or an emotional impact, energy becomes locked in the body causing pain, anxiety, stress & other complications.

Using a combination of applied hands-on energy therapies, a complete 90 min treatment will release congested energy, the cause of most pain. Strengthen weak energy, the cause of a weak immune system and stress. Calm overactive energy, the cause of most anxiety & stress.

For all Men Women and Children.

The following are some advantages of using our service,

  • Non-invasive
  • Book & pay online
  • Weekend appointments
  • Release stress & anxiety
  • Release pain & discomfort
  • Mobile service ( max 50 km )
  • Private home clinic in Tuakau
  • Speed recovery after competitive sports
  • Speed recovery after injury, illness or surgery.

During a treatment all clients will remain fully dressed on our comfortable treatment table. Our energy practitioner can activate, focus and disperse any trapped or congested energy without the need to physically touch any part of the body.