Release Pain, Anxiety, Stress. Activate Internal Healing.

Energy Healing, Energy Medicine, Energy Therapy

Whenever there’s a new or old physical or emotional impact to your body, energy also know as qi, prana or vital force becomes trapped or congested in the body. When this energy is unable to flow freely it causes pain, anxiety, stress and other long term complications when left untreated.

Using a combination of Reiki, Pranic & Theta healing Energy Therapy. One of our hands-on energy healing treatments will release any trapped or congested energy, the cause of most pain. Strengthen weak energy, the cause of a weak immune system and stress. Calm overactive energy, the cause of most anxiety.

For all Men Women, Children, Elderly, Sports, Professionals, Pets and Animals.

  • Quick 30 min treatments
  • Full 60 min treatments
  • Ultimate 90 min treatments

The following are some advantages of using our hands-on energy healing therapy,

  • Non-invasive
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase relaxation
  • Release stress & anxiety
  • Release pain & discomfort
  • Speed recovery after injury
  • Speed recovery after illness and surgery
  • Release old energetic blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Raise awareness, reach new levels of consciousness

During a treatment all clients remain fully dressed on our comfortable treatment table. Our energy practitioner can activate, focus and release any trapped or congested energy without the need to physically touch any part of the body.

Mobile service ~ Auckland, Thames, Waikato. Private home clinic ~ Tuakau

After hours ~ After work ~ Weekday ~ Weekend