Here’s What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What surprised me is that this really works

I was trying other methods and they didnt work, I saw energy healing on youtube and wanted to try it. I looked on facebook and saw Glenn a Reiki Master Energy Practitioner and I booked an appointment. I used the mobile service. 

My first 90 min session, Glenn released and cleared the lightheadedness I have been struggling with for many weeks. Glenn also released the anxiety, stress and pain in my body. The energy therapy helped my breathing, I can breathe much easier now. I could actually feel the energy, it is real !

My second session was powerful, releasing and healing lots of issues. The energy Glenn brings is amazing, you can feel its intensity as it moves through your body.  

My third session I could feel the energy straight away, it was relaxing and comfortable but strong. What surprised me is that it really works.

My lightheadedness was fixed in the first session. I can breathe much easier now and my health is much better. I can go out and be around people without having anxiety and stress. I am very grateful for the service.

Mr Solomon Kapi

I am recommending this to my family and friends


Hip Pain

I used to LOVE going for a run, but I haven’t done much running in the last few years. I was out for my usual walk the other day and with rain on the horizon I decided to run the course instead of walking it.

Made it all the way home, no problem. So far so good. Went to bed that night with my legs feeling like they’d had a good workout.

Woke up next morning with pain starting in my hip. Within a couple of hours I could hardly walk! I’d had this sort of thing before with exercise …boom and bust. The pain usually takes about a week to dissipate.

Glenn applied his hands-on energy treatment for about 1 hour and also showed me some reflex points to press on. BAM and the pain was GONE! The whole healing cycle was shortened to just one day. Woke up next morning with no pain, no discomfort, nothing. Amazing result!


Hannah age 12,

The energy to start with made Hannah laugh, she experienced sensations like tingling and heat during the 1 hour Energy session.  Hannah also said the treatment therapy table was very comfortable and she was very relaxed,especially some time after the session.


Back & Neck Pain

I have been suffering with back pain and neck pain for three months. I meet with Glenn at his home in Tuakau and had a two hour energy treatment session.

Since I saw Glenn, I came home feeling much better with no back or neck pain. A very good Reiki Therapy, awesome job thanks.

B Ormsby

Dental Pain

I had dry socket. The dentist had given me pain relief, but it only worked a little. I was still in pain.

Glenn gave me 45 min of his energy therapy while I sat in the lounge. I felt extremely relaxed and calm. I could talk and chat normally while I was having the treatment. My pain was reduced a lot with just that one treatment.


Holly age 17

Holly twisted her left ankle and foot several months ago,  after a 1 hr Energy therapy session her foot felt much better. Holly said her  mind was clear, she didn’t feel sensations but it still worked because her foot and ankle felt so much better and was very relaxed during the session and afterwards.



I picked up my 10-year-old from the school sickbay. She had a gastro bug and was vomiting. I brought her home to lay on the couch, only sitting up to be sick.

Glenn stood at a distance from the couch so he wouldn’t bother her. He applied Energy from about two metres away for 30 min. After a small rest she vomited once more and was back to normal.

C Barker

Chronic Pain

The pain from my chronic fibromyalgia was very limiting. Glenn gave me an hour long Energy treatment in my own home on a portable therapy table.

This took one hour and helped me move more freely. I could feel my eyes flickering during the treatment and I also felt the sensation of energy pouring down through the top of my head. 


Neck & Shoulder Pain

I had muscle pain in my neck and shoulders. I sat on the couch and Glenn applied his Energy therapy. The whole treatment took 45 minutes.

My pain went from seven out of ten down to a two then dispersed completely within the next hour.

C bryan

Back Pain

I woke one morning with terrible lower back pain and I struggled to get out of bed . I called Glenn and he actually came to my house and offered to help with his Energy therapy on my back .

After a good 45 min of Glenn doing his Energy therapy, I felt the tension in my lower back release and the muscles relaxed, the pain just melted away.

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