Types of Energy

There is one Energy manifesting in infinite forms, it is here, there and everywhere.

Quantum Physicist’s recognize & acknowledge there is energy in all things”

Vital Energy is the energy that determines our state of health and wellbeing, being full of life and energy; it is exuberant physical, mental and emotional strength. It is also the capacity for survival. the power giving continuance of life.

Prana Energy is the main energy that flows through our bodies, mind, and spirit. All knowledge stems from prana. This energy can be channeled through our bodies by a regular yoga practice.

Mana Energy in Hindi and Polynesian stands for the vital life energy, that flows inside every entity. Mana means “Miraculous Power”. A general term for the mysterious spiritual power that is found throughout the universe, within humans, animals, and even inanimate objects.

Shakti Energy is the divine feminine power of the universe. People who experience or channel Shakti can feel comfortable with themselves as well as have a sense of meaning and fulfillment in life. It can also push somebody to seek growth.

Shiva Energy is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that move through the entire universe in Hinduism, and especially Shaktism, a major tradition of Hinduism. Shakti is the personification of the energy that is creative, sustaining, as well as destructive, sometimes referred to as auspicious source energy.

Kundalini Energy is a mystical energy type that is centered at the base of our spine. It does not manifest itself until one reaches puberty. It works together with the physical body and can often have the sensation of an electric current.

Qi Energy or Chi, is the primordial cosmic force and the energy that flows though all entities in nature, not just the living world, but the basic elements of air and water as well. Qi is often translated as a vital energy and bio electrical energy. It is related to creation and life but it also has the quality of consciousness.

Etheric Energy brings energy to the body by spinning in a vortex, namely to reduce resistance in its flow. This energy is connected to your mind and emotions and help you create experiences in your life.

Mind Energy can help one get the things they want. Using mind energy, one can manipulate the vibrations of energy that make up reality. The brain is extremely powerful if you can find a way to increase its power.

Spiritual Energy is described in many different cultures and is the energy of the soul. It is thought to exist in all living things. Skeptics do not believe in it, but it has been mentioned across the world for thousands of years.

Biofield Energy has no mass or charge but can have an effect on living beings. They take many forms and can influence or regulate our psychological, spiritual, physiological, and emotional health. The biofield is a massless field, not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body.

Aura Energy is possessed by all living people and can be described as an energy field surrounding someone in the form of vibrations. Auras are believed to be connected.

Pneuma Energy, translated as the “breath of life”, is a energy force that can be found in our atmosphere and respirated. Once it is brought to the heart by the lungs, it is mixed in our blood and concentrated. Pneuma can flow as a fluid, tactile force or emanate as a radiant, expansive energy.

Subtle Energy cannot be detected by everyone, but healers and those sensitive to energies report it as vibrations or waves that create an energy field or aura around the body.

Psionic Energy is the psychic ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields. Many do not have the ability to use these powers, nor even know what it is. This includes those who are adept in psychic manipulation.

Merkabah Energy is based on a type of mysticism and is a model for divine energy. It is always in flux and spreading out everywhere in both the physical and spiritual world, leaving balance and harmony.

Odic Energy or force that surrounds living things and is believed to be seen as a colored aura around plants and animals when in complete darkness.

Tachyon Energy is a type of energy that, since it moves faster than light, is often the first to emerge. It exists at many frequencies and cannot be measured in Hertz. In order to allow tachyon energy to flow through our body, we need to become a special kind of conductor for the energy. Once this happens, it can create a balance in our metabolism.

Orgone Energy is instrumental to helping us reach psychological and physical health. It is an ethereal life force. Orgone energy itself has no inertia or weight and is one of the reasons it is difficult to measure using conventional techniques.

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