Pain Anxiety & Stress Release

A combination of applied hands-on energy therapies that deals to the root cause of your pain, anxiety or stress.

Directly working with the energy body, mental body and physical body a complete 90 min treatment will unblock congested or restricted energy in your body, this is the cause of most pain. Strengthen weak energy, this is the cause of a weak immune system and many illnesses and will calm overactive energy in your body, this is the cause of most anxiety and stress.

For all Men, Women and Children.

The following are some advantages of using our service,

  • Non-invasive
  • Mobile service
  • Book & pay online
  • Release stress & anxiety
  • Release pain & discomfort
  • Reduce pain & sleep better
  • Complete 90 min treatment
  • Relieve arthritis and joint pain
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Extra support living with a terminal illness
  • Speed recovery after injury, illness or surgery
  • Being comfortable at home in your environment

During a treatment all clients will remain fully dressed on our comfortable treatment table. Our energy practitioner can within close proximity to their clients activate, amplify and move the energy of their clients with out the need to physically touch any part of the body.