12 Steps

Step 6

Well that’s revealed a lot of messed up patterns. Do you want to stop it? Seriously?

          With each defect we identify 

1. Why do I do this? How does it help me? (What do I want, or want to avoid?)

2. If I do not change, what will happen?

3. If I am willing to change, how could my life improve?

4. Do I want this defect removed? Am I ready to let go?

5. If the answer is ‘no’, ask yourself: how is my life unmanageable due to my powerlessness to change this attitude/thought/ behaviour pattern?

Ask yourself:

1. Am I willing to let go of my egocentric, self-centred world view?

2. Am I willing to tear up my plan?

3. Am I willing to stop blaming others? To let go of resentment?

4. Am I willing to use this program as the new plan for my life?

5. Am I willing to accept that there are more powerful forces than me in the universe and that in this context my motives and notions are ridiculous?

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