12 Steps

Step 3

 Are you, on your own, going to change  yourself?

1. Am I feeling unsatisfied, limited, empty or anxious in my relationships?

 2. Do my feelings lead me to make (or not make) decisions, take   (or not take) actions, or say (or not say) things that I then regret?

 3. Am I suffering from misery, depression, unhappiness, or low self-worth? 

4. Am I suffering from anxiety, doubt or perfectionism? Am I projecting imaginary future scenarios then worrying about them?

5. Is it becoming clear to me that my plan is not working? 

6. Is it clear that I need a new plan that is not sourced from my own head and drives if I am to find fulfilment? 

7. This plan of mine is like a mind virus of self-obsession. Can I surrender it? Am I open to a different plan? Am I open to being guided?

We are trapped in a way of ‘being’ that is not working. Here are some categories which will help us amend our perspective. We can usually identify the root of pain and spiritual discomfort within these areas.

1. Pride (what I think you think about me) 

2. Self-esteem (what I think about myself)

3. Personal relations (the script I give others)

 4. Sexual relations (as above, pertaining to sex)

 5. Ambitions (what I want in life, my overall vision of my 

‘perfect’ self)

 6. Security (what I need to survive) 

7. Finances (money and how it affects my feelings)

 It is good to be reminded of these categories as we undertake Step 4.

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