12 Steps

Step 2

 Are you really ready to change ?

1. Do I believe that I need to change?

2. Do I accept that change means I must think/feel/act differently?

3. Do I know people who have made comparable changes that seem quite radical?

4. Is this change likely to be easy and driven by the ideas I already have, techniques I already use and support systems that I already have access to?

5. What is my conception of a power greater than me? Is it nature?

6. Is it consciousness beyond the individual? Is it the power of people coming together in the pursuit of a noble goal? Describe your personal understanding of a power greater than yourself.

7. Do I have doubt and prejudice about spirituality and the power of a new perspective to solve my problem? What are those doubts and prejudices? Work through this next list of questions honestly.

1. What is my conception of a personal Higher Power? Describe it here.

2. Can I now accept there is a power greater than me at work in this cosmos?

3. Do I know people who have changed their lives and live according to spiritual principles who are connected, happy and real?

 4. Is this how I’d like to be?

5. Do I know people who have engaged with a new Power and used these techniques to induce revolutionary change in their way of living and thinking and have found a new peace and direction?

6. Is this what I want?

7. To reiterate, is this how my life is now? Or am I struggling with relationships? My emotions?

8. Do I lack purpose and drive?

9. Am I creating conflict and chaos?

10. Even beyond my primary addictive behaviour (drink/drugs/food/ sex/spending/ technology) are things hard?

11. Am I getting depressed?

12. Am I afraid?

13. Am I helping others?

14. In other areas of my life have I exhibited behaviours that if repurposed could serve me now? Like for example my belief that   I can make myself feel better with drugs or sex or tech or the right relationship or job or some chocolate?

15. Have I kind of worshipped drugs or my phone or sex or shopping?

16. Can I see that this impulse applied to something less mundane, materialistic and shallow may motivate change?

17.  In fact this problem I have could be seen as the misdirection of a positive impulse if I look at it differently, couldn’t it?

18. Can I connect to this love within me that I sometimes 


19. Can I connect to the love outside of me that I see in others?

20. Can I connect to this Power that I see elsewhere in my life?

I ask the creative power deep within  me to guide me towards the person I was always meant to be, to seek out relationships and experiences that will move me closer to this Truth.’

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