12 Steps

Step 11

Stay connected to your new perspective.

Ask yourself:

1. Do I accept that the material and mechanical world as I see it is not objective reality? (Is there stuff I don’t know, that no one knows?)

2. Do I accept that there is an aspect of my consciousness that is not governed by primal biochemical drives and biographical, social and familial inculcation? 

(Is there more to my mind than what I’ve been brainwashed into and what the animal instinct wants?)

3. Am I willing to live in service of this Higher Self, this Ulterior Realm? 

(Do I want to be more than a tangle of greed, need and fear?)

Create your own incantation, your own ‘tune-in code’ and use it daily.

E.g. I know I cannot be happy pursuing instinct and will. I devote myself to channelling love, to serving beauty.

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