Doing the Inner Work

Its an Inside Job

Change your perceptions, Change your energy, Change your reality 


These step by step questions are designed to reveal the root causes of your pain, suffering and where to make change. This  work is very confronting, you will be questioning your beliefs, identities and attachments ( the ego ) to discover your true being. Please take your time and be completely honest with yourself, write your answers down and become the change you wish to see.


Are you ready for change ?

1. What do I want to change?

2. What pain or fear do I associate with change in this area?

3. What pleasure or benefits am I getting out of not changing?

4. What will it cost me if this doesn’t change?

5. What are the benefits I could gain by having this changed?

6. How has this problem placed my important relationships ?

7. Have I lost respect/reputation due to this problem?

8. Has this problem made my home life unhappy?

9. Has this problem caused any type of illness?

10. Do I turn to the type of person that enables me to practise this behaviour or who enables me?

11. What part of the problem do the people who care about me object to most?

12. What type of abuse has happened to me and others due to this problem?

13. What have I done in the past to try to fix or change this area of my life?

14. What are the feelings, emotions and conditions I have tried to  control with this problem?

15. Right now, if this is such an important area in my life, why 

haven’t I changed already?

16. Am I willing to do whatever it takes to have this changed, healed or transformed?