Terms & Conditions

Our Energy healing service provides a combination of powerful Energy medicine and Energy healing practices, focusing on relieving your body pain, anxiety and stress fast.

Please see our website http://www.theinsidejobup.co.nz for information about Energy medicine, Energy healing and our services and the practices you can do at home.

All clients remain fully dressed during our sessions and are encouraged to work with our practitioner to achieve the best possible outcome.

Please continue with ALL medications and treatments until you have discussed your options with your Family Doctor or Health Care provider.

Please follow the take home information after your session and practice the exercises daily.

By using our service you agree to these terms and conditions and you give your full consent to receive an Energy medicine and Energy healing treatment. You release Glenn Laurence including The Inside Job Unlimited Possibilities of all liability.

Our guarantee we will do the most that we can with the time that we have.

Thank you for using our service.