About Us

Hello and welcome

My name is Glenn, I’m a dad of four awesome children and I enjoy sharing time with my family. I am fascinated with Energy medicine and Energy healing practices from around the world.

Don’t let the beard scare you, I’m just a normal person like you who’s been through many trials and tribulations.

I am a bit of a rockhound and have a large collection of stones, crystals, geodes and rocks. I have a back ground in horticulture and grow Buxus (English boxwood) trees and Vicks plants as a form of income. I raise Guppy fish in small outside ponds as a hobby.

I love working with plants and animals. Spending time out side and being with nature is my happy place, along with the daily exercises, Qi gong and Energy work I do, (including a little Telekinesis).

I have studied and trained extensively in many different fields of Energy healing and Energy medicine from around the world. I am also well practiced in the art of Qi gong, Hermetics and Hypnosis.

I am a certified Usui shiki ryoho Reiki Master, Reiki Tao Te Qi practitioner, Pranic energy healing practitioner, certified DNA Theta healer. I hold a diploma in Pain management and have a level 2 Saint johns CPR first aid certificate. You are in good hands, (I have been called twinkle fingers!).

My story, 10 years ago I broke my lumbar spine which ended my truck driving career. I know pain and how crippling and debilitating it is.

With years of chronic pain, disabled, on the strongest pain medications available and had all the surgeries that where possible (over $200k!). But still experiencing excruciating pain, unable to do anything, walking and driving was so painful and difficult. My doctors and specialists did not known what else to do, other than try different medications.

I decided I wasn’t accepting being on medication and in pain for the rest of my life. It was at this point I begun my journey of self realization, healing and recovery using Energy healing practices as medicine. It really is an inside job!

I have had multiple spine fusion surgery’s including a full removal and complete replacement of the fusion metal wear. I have a anterior (front)L4/5, L5/S1 and posterolateral (back) L1/S1 spine fusion with sacroiliac (hip) pedicle screws. (The first photo shows what was removed and replaced, the x-ray photos are of the titanium hardware I am wearing today, wow!).

For many years I have been practicing a combination of powerful Energy healing practices and exercises. The results are amazing (even my doctor can’t believe it). I am fitter and healthier like never before, even with my titanium reinforced spine. (With no medications, which I could never image!).

My experiences with Energy healing medicine and how powerful and effective it is relieving body pain, anxiety and stress fast, has helped me overcome multiple spine fusion surgeries and all the pain and suffering that goes along with it.

Using Energy healing as a medicine is the result of my incredible recovery. (This is why I provide Energy healing sessions, it works do try it.).