Hello and welcome

My name is Glenn,

I live in Tuakau and have been a local here for around 27 years. I am a parent of four beautiful children. I enjoy being fit and health, sharing time with the family, reading, working with plants, animals and spending time out side in the natural word. Along with the energy healing work I do, inner yoga (science of consciousness) and practicing my daily energy routines and exercises.

I have studied and trained extensively in several different fields of energy healing therapy and treatments. I am a certified Usui shiki ryoho reiki master, Pranic energy healer, certified DNA Theta healer. I hold a diploma in Pain management and have a current level 2 Saint johns CPR first aid certificate. (You are in good hands)

In 2011 I had a work place injury which ended my truck driving career of 16 years. I was incapacitated with pain for four years with a damaged lumbar spine. From 2016-2019 I have had multiple spine fusion surgery’s including a full removal and complete replacement of the fusion metal wear, with an anterior L4/5, L5/S1 and posterolateral L1/S1 spine fusion with sacroiliac pedicle screws. (The photos are of my current titanium hardware)

My experiences with energy healing and how powerful and effective it is relieving pain and anxiety fast has helped me overcoming a spine injury, chronic back pain, nerve pain, multiple spine surgeries, surgery pain, recovery, medication withdrawals and depression. Energy healing is very powerful and it works on all types of pain even the most intense pain you can imagine. (This is why I provide an energy healing service, because it works !)

For many years I have been practicing a combination of powerful energy disciplines, routines and exercises. The results are amazing (even my doctor can’t believe it). I am fit and healthy like never before, even with my titanium reinforced spine. (With no medications, which I could never image !)