About me

Hello and welcome to the Inside Job Unlimited Possibilities.

My name is Glenn, I’m a dad of four amazing children and a partner to a gorgeous person who has been my support throughout my journey. I am also a Holistic Pain Management Consultant and a Certified Energy Practitioner who is fascinated with effective pain management, self healing, energy healing and self development practices and exercises after breaking my lower back and using them to fully recover.

I am a bit of a Rockhound and collect rocks, crystals and geodes. I have a back ground in horticulture and have a small commercial nursery, propagating and raising Boxwood trees. I also raise beautiful cold water Guppies in outside ponds as a hobby.

I love working with plants and animals. Spending time out side and being in nature is my happy place, along with my daily physical exercises, practices of Qi gong, meditation and other energy work I do.

I have studied and trained extensively in many different fields of pain management, self healing and self development practices from around the world. I am also well practiced in the art of Qi gong, Energy medicine, Meditation & Hermetics.

I hold a Diploma in Pain Management and a level 2 Saint johns CPR first aid certificate. I am also a certified Usui shiki ryoho Reiki Master, Reiki Tao Te Qi practitioner, Pranic energy medicine practitioner and certified DNA Thetahealing practitioner, You are in good hands!

My story, ten years ago I broke my lumbar spine at work, four years prior to that I had been working and living with chronic pain from a previous work place back injury. I know back pain, all about living with and working with chronic pain. I fully understand all of the suffering and frustration that goes along with it, I would not wish it upon anyone!

I have lived with chronic pain for over 10 years, disabled (I even had a mobility card!), and on the strongest pain medications available. I had all the surgeries that where and possible (over $200k!) and it wasn’t easy finding a surgeon who would do them. I was still experiencing excruciating pain after three different spine fusion surgeries. Unable to do anything, walking and driving was so painful and difficult, I even had a Zimmer frame! My doctors and specialists did not known what else to do, other than try different and new medications.

I struggled to understand when I first injured myself that pain begets pain, I was stuck in a vicious pain cycle and was thinking the doctors and specialists could fix me because that’s what they do, they are the experts, I’ve learned a whole lot since then!

I reached a point where decided within myself that I wasn’t accepting being on medication and in pain for the rest of my life, even though my doctor had already suggested that could be the case. It was at this point and with determination I began my journey of self recovery and healing using holistic pain management, self healing and self development practices and exercises. Ok so it was hard work, because it was a learn as you go situation.

I have had multiple spine fusion surgery’s including a full removal and complete replacement of the fusion metal wear. I have an anterior (front)L4/5, L5/S1 and posterolateral (back) L1/S1 spine fusion with sacroiliac (hip) pedicle screws. The first photo shows what was removed and replaced, the x-ray photos are of the titanium hardware I am wearing today, wow, incredible isn’t it!

For many years, I have been using a combination of pain management, self healing and self development practices and exercises. The results are amazing, even my doctor can’t believe it. I am fitter and healthier like never before, even with my titanium reinforced spine. With no medications and very little pain, which I could never image!

My experiences of working with these pain management practices and exercises have surprised me with how effective they are in relieving and managing all types of pain, anxiety and stress. They are the key factors that made it possible for me to recover from years (over 10 years) of chronic pain, multiple spine fusion surgeries, eliminate all medications and all of the pain and suffering that goes along with it. Anyone with patience and practice can do the same. I’m here to help.

Providing solutions, practices, exercises and support that helps the whole person.