Alternative Medicine

Holistic Pain Management & Inner Healing

How to relieve and manage all types of pain, anxiety and stress, anytime, anywhere.

We have come a long way from the days of “grin and bear it,” or “no pain, no gain.” Pain begets pain, so it’s important to stop it early.

By implementing new practices, we can easily break the pain cycleaddictions and old unconscious habitsOur brain and spinal cord form the central nervous system, the body’s information storage and security system. The nervous system adapts very quickly to its environment for survival, making it easy to work withStudies show us it takes between 30 to 90 days to teach our nervous system it is safe to function in a new way.

My own experiences have taught me, this is one of the main keys to healing ourselvesIt takes me 45 days or 6 weeks to successfully teach my nervous system. This was the key (45 days) that made it possible for me to reduce and eventually eliminate all medications. I found doing this work by myself was challenging at times. I do recommend having a support system in place, particularly in times of relapse and flareups.

Here is the list of practices and exercises I have used and tested over 10 years, I still use many of them today. I have found these to be effective in relieving and managing all types of pain, anxiety and stress, most of them can easily be learned at home.

These are the very tools that helped me recover from a broken lumbar spine, chronic pain, back pain, nerve pain, multiple spine surgeries and eliminate all medications. Check out “THE TOOL BOX” @, contact me if you would like to know more or need some personal coaching.

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