Free practices, exercises and much more

This is an advanced self observation technique, it is the constant attention to the thoughts and words we use that are associated with pain, diagnosis’s, conditions and the labels we and others place upon ourselves. By refraining from using “these pain words ” with the words I, I am, My or I have in all sentences, either written or spoken, including our internal dialog, we can create some “distance” between ourselves and pain. For example you are experiencing pain, acknowledge it, use a practice or exercise to manage it and refrain from speaking or thinking about it. I know it is difficult to start with, however with constant practice the distance you create between you and pain becomes greater and greater. This is a technique I have used and it is incredibly effective in helping us re-train the nervous systems responses associated with the “labels” and limitations we place upon ourselves.

Providing solutions, practices, exercises and support that helps the whole person.

Free practices, exercises and much more see “The Tool Box” www.theinsidejobup.co.nz

How to relieve and mange all types of pain, anxiety and stress, anytime, anywhere.

Personalised solutions, practices, exercises and support.




Certified Energy Practitioner.

Holistic Pain Management Consultant.



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