My experiences living with and overcoming a spine injury, chronic back pain, nerve pain, multiple spine surgeries, surgery pain, medication withdrawals and depression.

 Along with the successful work with mental, emotional and physical rehabilitation. shows me that if I can do it, anyone & everyone is capable of transformation regardless of their limitations and circumstances. 

For many years I have been practicing a combination of Reiki, Qi gong, energy healing & meditation energy disciplines. 

The results are amazing, I am healthier and fitter like never before, even with my titanium reinforced spine.

 I am the proof this works and this is why I offer a Hands-on energy therapy service to help others.

One complete 90 min treatment you will notice the difference.

Release Pain, Anxiety, Stress. Calm the Mind, Heal the Heart.

All Men, Women, Children Elderly.

Corporate, Sports, Professionals.

Pets, Animals.

After hours, After work, Weekday, Weekend.

Mobile service – Auckland Thames Waikato.

Private home clinic – Tuakau.


Reiki Master Energy Practitioner.

Check out our testimonials @


Change Your Energy, Change Your Life.

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